Workshop for aspiring TV hosts | Training | DW | 04.02.2022
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Workshop for aspiring TV hosts

If you're looking to expand your set of journalism skills so that you can stand in front of the camera as well as behind it, our five-day hands-on workshop is just what you need.

You're the voice and face of your TV station. You put your stamp on a program, guide viewers through the show and keep them from changing the channel. The demands placed on TV anchors and hosts are considerable, but the rewards are many, including fascinating assignments and even public recognition. Journalists who are good on camera are in high demand because new programs, special-interest channels and online sites are always looking for new faces. Even established TV stations are constantly on the search for fresh talent.

Learning the tools of the trade

There are no official training programs for hosts, but stations still expect aspiring anchors and hosts to have already mastered the craft when they apply. They are usually chosen through casting calls, where candidates show what they can do and stations can see if an individual has the delivery, face and personality that fits the program they are casting for.

In our five-day workshop you'll learn how to come across confidently on camera, conduct a studio interview, and handle glitches like a pro. You'll also learn how to vary your voice and appearance to suit the event or a program format and really connect to your audience. At the end of the workshop you'll receive a personal showreel, a DW Akademie certificate and the confidence that you're well prepared for the next casting call.

This workshop is for participants who have already worked in the media as reporters or writers. Exercises are held under real-life conditions in DW Akademie's television studios.

Please bear in mind that this workshop is conducted in German. For a workshop in English or other languages, please contact us directly for a customized offer.

Workshop contents
• Two days of training plus one day for producing the showreel
• Voice and speech training
• Writing story intros
• Presentation (freestyle, keyword based and with notes)
• Moderating with a teleprompter
• Staying in control of the interview (i.e. how to deal with difficult interviewees)
• Presentation in front of the camera
• Body language
• Make-up, styling and wardrobe
• Various formats (magazine program, news, talk show)
• Dealing with insecurities
• Handling on-air glitches

Target group
Journalists with experience as writers and reporters

DW Akademie, Bonn

Number of participants

new dates will be published soon

2 days: 1.590 euros / person
Additional day for showreel production: 490 euros

Please ask us about special rates for members of the German Federation of Journalists (DJV), the Verdi trade union, and the Federal Association of German Press Officers (Bundesverbands deutscher Pressesprecher e.V. or BdP). We accept education vouchers (Bildungschecks).